Reaching through the Bars

New Life Prison Ministry reaches through the bars to provide Bible teaching courses to thousands of inmates in our Canadian prisons.

Welcome to New Life Prison Ministry. Our purpose is to provide Christian videos and Bible correspondence courses to inmates, their families, and chaplains across Canada.

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“Reach Through the Bars” is an exciting video explaining more about New Life Prison Ministry. Please take a few minutes, watch and learn how NLPM is impacting prisoners with God’s love. 

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Questions & Answers

Who is eligible to take the Bible study courses? Do the courses cost students money? How do counsellors protect their privacy? Do students really change?

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NLPM operates through the generous gifts of people like you.  Click below to donate securely through

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The following testimonies show just a small glimpse of the impact of NLPM. We receive testimonies almost every week, and we praise God for allowing us to share in our students’ joy!

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2014 Annual Conference – Keynote Speaker – Rosemary Redshaw

Join us at our annual conference on October 4th, 2014.

Location is Stoneycreek Baptist Church, 2225 Highbury Ave N., London, Ontario.

Rosemary Redshaw is the keynote speaker.  The topic is “Pearls from Prison”.

To register, phone 519-666-1950 or email   Deadline for registering is Monday, September 29th.


  • 3:00 pm Seminar: Rosemary’s Journey
  • 4:00 pm Meet and Greet your friends from afar
  • 5:00 pm Buffet dinner
  • 6:15 pm Evening program

Please note: There will be open seating at the dinner.  Please come early for a good seat. No cost.  However, there will be an opportunity to donate to the ministry.

A Lost Opportunity

A Message from Tim Horne (Aftercare Impressions)

In my role in after-care support for students of New Life Prison Ministry I go to many places: prisons, coffee shops, people’s homes, doctor’s offices and probation and parole offices being some of them.  I also go to court fairly often. This past week my wife Lil was able to join me to observe the sentencing of a fellow I have been visiting at a local Detention Centre.  I have visited him 5 times during the past few months and he and I have been able to talk about many things, mostly connected to is charges and plans for life after his release from prison.  He came to my attention after a fellow worker with New Life Prison Ministry spoke to me about him.  A little later the Volunteer Coordinator at the prison called and asked if I could connect with him.  There are concerns that every time he is released from prison he returns again within days or weeks.   After my first visit with him I understood why that was his pattern.  J has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and because he started bouncing around from foster home to foster home at the age of 1 year, he was never able to get the kind of loving support or consistent treatment and therapy needed to learn how to function properly in society.  He has been taught few or no coping skills or strategies. Read more..

…God gives the increase

A look behind the scenes… To encourage us, our good friend Jimmy Cavanagh (who is the Prison Fellowship representative in the Kingston, ON, area) sent us a letter from which we excerpted the following, “Enclosed is a copy of a letter I received from Amanda¹ who took your Bible courses and whom Sheila² worked with and who told Amanda to take the courses. Then after completing your courses she received a copy of my book.

This is an example of how God works through His people as we work together to serve Him. To fill in the blanks for you, the story started five years ago. Sheila was visiting Amanda at the prison in

London, ON. At some time during those visits she shared the gospel with her and encouraged her to do the Bible studies, but Amanda wasn’t ready. Four years later, Amanda is once again incarcerated elsewhere, and she wrote to Sheila, who lovingly corresponded with her and encouraged her once again to begin the New Life Bible studies. Amanda asked the chaplain for courses and to date, has now completed more than 60 courses. Most importantly, she has become a Christian and is growing in her faith. After she completed ten courses she received Jimmy’s book Captured To Run No More as her ten unit award book, which really ministered to her and she wrote a six page letter pouring her heart out to Jimmy. Here is a short excerpt: Read more..

Aftercare Impressions

A Message from Tim Horne (Aftercare Impressions)

I have taken time this morning to review the past number of months and the people God has had cross my path in my role in aftercare with “returnees.” I have struggled with how to name the people I deal with who have been incarcerated but now are back in the community. A colleague uses the term: “returnee.” I like that much better than ex-offender or ex-inmate for “returnee” gives a sense of belonging or of coming home.  It assumes they are coming back to somewhere they were part of before. It is our hope that, by God’s grace, life will be changed and things will be much different for the person returning than it was before they “went away.” I have met some pretty amazing people during this time, people who teach me about resilience as they struggle against addictions, loneliness, failure and rejection yet maintaining a sense of hope and a belief that God can change them and their circumstances. Read more..